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If you are looking for good cheap vacuum cleaners for your home then you have come to the perfect place. Previously, you read about our top 10 best dustbuster review  but the problem was simple. These vacuum cleaners were not cheap. So, if you are looking for cheap vacuum cleaners for your home then this article Top 10 Cheap Vacuum Cleaners Review is going to help you out. This is the perfect guide that you will find on the whole internet which will tell you about the cheap vacuum cleaners keeping the quality factor in mind.

To simplify, you will obviously see vacuum cleaners or dustbusters in this article which are cheap but that doesn’t mean that these will be low in terms of quality. We will never review something on our site that doesn’t have a proven track record of the happy customer. Therefore, you can depend on these vacuum cleaners as they are cheap and they have quality too.

Find out the top 10 Cheap Dustbuster Reviews

Let’s start our mission to find the cheap vacuum cleaners with quality. We had to reject a few because though they were cheap, they didn’t have the quality that we are looking for. We also rejected a few because they were a bit overpriced. After a detailed research, we found out these 10 vacuum cleaners which you can easily depend on. Let’s get started.

Dirt Devil SD20000 RED

cheap-vacuum-cleaner-1This is a 3 in one vacuum cleaner which is cheap and has quality at the same time. It can easily work as a stick vacuum cleaner, as a handheld vacuum cleaner and also as a utility vacuum cleaner. The rolling wheels and the light nature of the machine are two major pros of this one. The size is standard and it comes with a weight of 1.9 pounds which is great.

  Negative: This is not a cordless vacuum cleaner. This has the cord with it which is long enough to move free around. The motor is of 1.25 AMP. 

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Hoover Sprint QuickVac Bagless Uprightcheap-vacuum-cleaner-2

Hoover is a famous brand with their multi-cyclonic technology and that is available in this vacuum cleaner too. This is one of the best dust buster in the market with such a cheap rate. One great part about this vacuum cleaner is that, the removable wand which you can easily separate from the main machine to clean ceilings. The suction power is standard too. The nozzle is good and this cleaner is very light weighted.

 Negative: It has cords. 

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Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum

BISSELL CleanView UprightThis device has the potential to be a great market leader soon. The main benefits of using Bissell Clean View vacuum cleaner is its ability to get your work done faster and smoother. It has a turbo brush tool attached with it which will help you to clean places such as stairs, furniture and so on. The suction power is good and the device is easily washable.

 Negative: This is not a light product compared to others. 

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Dirt Devil Quick Lite PlusDirt-Devil-Vacuum

The lightweight design and the special cyclonic suction are what made Dirt Devil a successful vacuum cleaner and these features are present in this model too. The 8 feet premium stretch hose will make your life a lot easier with this dustbuster. Dirt Devil is always a dependable brand when it comes to durability and quality. You can depend on them and can easily go with this machine. It will satisfy you.

 Negative: The weight of this machine is around 9 pounds and the machine has cords attached with it. The cord length is of around 20 feet. 

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Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum

Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum

This is a multi-surface vacuum cleaner which means that if you want ease while cleaning your home or office then this is the perfect partner for you. The multi-surface cleaning ability allows you to keep cleaning starting from carpet to the hard floor to stairs and so on. The three stage filtration is worth buying for and the dusting brush is also of good quality. The bagless nature will also make you comfortable.

 Negative: The machine is a bit noisy. 

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Eureka Easy Clean Corded Handheld Vacuum


This product has a serious record of satisfied customers and you can go for this one based on only that as it is a highly popular machine among customers. Apart from that, it has a 5.5 amp suction system which will be more than enough for regular usage. The weight is around 5 pounds and the bagless filter makes life easier to a huge extent. This machine is great for your car and office.

 Negative: This is a corded device. 

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Eureka Quick-up Cordless 2 in 1

cheap-vacuum-cleaners-7This is a lightweight two in one cheap vacuum cleaner which will satisfy your regular needs. The telescopic handle is comfortable to use and wall mount charger is of good quality. This is a cordless machine which is definitely positive. The overall system is easy and handy to use. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use this machine.

 Negative: The charge lasts for around 12 minutes which is definitely low. 

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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuumcheap-vacuum-cleaners-8

The suction technology used in this device is possibly the best in the entire market. There is a common problem with its suction, that they don’t work as they used to work initially after a few months. This problem will not be there if you use this machine. The machine is easy to carry and great if you have babies or pets in your home. It has satisfied tons of customers over the years and you will definitely be happy with this vacuum cleaner. you can read our dustbuster reviews category for the detail review of this vacuum cleaner.

 Negative: It’s a corded device. 

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Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus

This is one of the best cheap vacuum cleaners that you will receive within a low price range. The wind tunnel technology is an invention of Hoover and it gave an extra edge to this machine over other ones available in the market. There are five height adjustment levels which will make your life easier. This is a bagless device which is another positive aspect of it. Comparing everything, this is easily a great option to choose.

 Negative: It will heat up very quick. 

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 Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum


Eureka is an established brand in the world of vacuum cleaners and if you are looking for a quick but efficient dustbuster then this is definitely an option for you. This machine is specially designed for small home and cars. The machine is easy to carry and it is well built. The cleaner is definitely easy to use and it has everything that you want for a quick dust cleaning mission.

 Negative: It has a 20 feet cord attached to it. 

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Final Verdict

It is kind of sad that we had to say in most cases that the negative part is having cords. This is one big reason that these are considered cheap vacuum cleaners. Also, please note that anything above 4 in customer rating is a great rating. In terms of rating, all of these vacuum cleaners are worth buying. Also, we didn’t consider the design and look when we did this review. Obviously, if you have certain preferences for good looks then your decision will vary based on that. Also, you can go for cheap bagless vacuum cleaners which are also reasonably priced.

Best of Luck.

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