10 Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Stairs 2018

Are you frustrated every time the idea of vacuum cleaning your stairs hit your head?

Okay, it is evident that, the regular vacuum cleaner or dustbuster you have is too heavy to drag. Pulling it up and down the stairs may leave you with an aching and pain back. You may not be able to attend to anything else after you are done with the stairs. You need a solution; quick solutions that will see you manage to finish more other tasks after you are done with the stairs.

Well, in this article we are going to review the best vacuum for stairs that have the best customer reviews. You should make the purchase of the most effective vacuum cleaner for stairs that has the best qualities.

This is a very long article. So, what is the best vacuum for stairs?

Choosing the stair cleaner is not an easy task and that's why we have gathered the best products. At first take a look at our comparison chart of top ten vacuum for stairs and then make your own choice according to your need.

Best stair vacuum 2017 - Comparison chart







Shark Rocket corded hand Vac (HV 292)

Shark Rocket (HV 292)

Corded Hand

3.7 lbs

Dyson DC34 Handheld

Dyson DC34

Cordless Handheld

1.0 lbs

Bissell 3 in 1 Lightweight

Bissell 3 in 1 Lightweight

Hand Vacuum

4.0 lbs

Shark Rocket Deluxe Ultra-light

Shark Rocket Deluxe Ultra-light

Hand Vacuum

8.6 lbs

BISSELL CleanView Upright

Bissel 95955A Vacuum

Corded Vacuum

15.0 lbs

Bissell Canister Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Bissel canister upright vacuum

Cordless Hand Vacuum

13.0 lbs

dyson v6 cordless

Dyson V6 Cordless

Cordless Hand Vacuum

5.1 lbs

Hoover Windtunnel Air Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum

Hoover Windtunnel Air Bagless

Corded Bagless

16.5 lbs

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

Hoover Floormate Deluxe

Corded Floor Cleaner

13.8 lbs

Shark Rocket

Shark Rocket ultra-light

Hand Vacuum

7.6 lbs

Guide to choose the best vacuum cleaner for stairs

You should be very analytical of choosing the vacuum cleaners we are going to present to you below. Make sure you know what you need because several vacuum cleaners may have subtle differences that may confuse you. You should consider the following factors when buying a vacuum for your stairs.

How heavy is the machine?

The first thing you look for when you want to buy a vacuum for stairs is the weight. Remember you don’t want to tire out. You have a lot of things awaiting you, and the least thing you want is to be worn out. So make sure you check for the weight of the vacuum you want to buy the manual. It is always clearly stated in the guide how much a vacuum cleaner weighs.

So go through the manual carefully and get all the information it is not only the weight there is a whole lot of stuff you need to check out. It takes a careful person to find the best vacuum time. do not rush when buying the vacuum make sure you understand everything in the manual.

How long is the hose?

You should know that the vacuum you are going to buy for your stairs must have a hose whose length is adequate to reach all the stairs. A short hose comes with many disadvantages. You may require keeping on moving your vacuum every so often which is tiring so you need to choose a vacuum that has enough length to reach all the stairs. Make sure you consider that. do not settle for less than ideal. go through the various features of the vacuum cleaner.


A good product is always backed by a strong warranty so you should buy the vacuum that has a warranty. The guarantee assures you that the vacuum you buy is of the best quality. The manufacturers are confident enough to stand behind their product. It would be nice if you would buy a vacuum that has a guarantee of not less than two years. You would have peace of mind when using it because you are covered if it breaks down or fail to work you could always walk to the store from where you acquired it and demanded a new one or a refund. Does the vacuum have a stair tool? Well, you should make sure the vacuum you choose have the unique feature that will make it easy to clean the corners and crevices of the stairs. The stair tool enables you to clean every part of your stairs removing every hidden dirt and grime. Without this unique feature, it would be very difficult to tidy up your stairs. You do not want any dirt to remain so you should ensure that this important feature is in-built on the machine you buy.

Recommended best Vacuum for cleaning stairs

You should be well aware of the fact that you must be very thorough in choosing the best stair vacuum. You should consider every little detail that is presented below. Every vacuum cleaner is unique. Think and think again to make sure you get the best choice of the vacuum cleaner. And now let’s get down to the Vacuum cleaners from Amazon.

Be careful to Adjust your budget with your needs

There are so many different vacuum for stairs. You should check out the prices, and purchase at the price with your budget. There has lots of dustbusters that have the awesome features came with budget. However, those dustbusters with with a premium price is not always the best. Therefore, you need to know about the features you want as well as you need to concern about the budget too.

With the right stair vacuum, you can clean up and keep your stairs neat and clean within a very short time.

​1. Shark Rocket corded hand Vac (HV 292)

best vacuum for stairs

Editors Rating

This is one of the best hand vacuum for stairs. You could choose this type of vacuum cleaner for its unique features. The Shark Rocket corded hand vacuum cleaner comes with a hose that you could adjust to clean every part of your stairs. The hose allows you to move quickly while cleaning the hidden dirt and grime. It is also possible to stretch the hose when cleaning your stairs so no dirt, hair or grime will be spared. An important feature on this Vacuum cleaner is the dusting brush and the crevice tool. The dusting brush allows you to get rid of the fine dry particles before doing the cleaning of your stairs while the crevice tool gives you the freedom to remove every dirt and particles hidden in the crevices of your stairs. If you have carpeted your stairs, the truepet motorized brush which is part of the Shark Rocket corded hand vacuum cleaner will help you remove hair, dirt, and grime from the carpet.

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  • One of the best corded vacuum for carpeted stairs
  • One of the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for stairs. Can move it with much ease.
  • It's cord length is 5ft.
  • Easy to empty the dust cup.

2. Dyson DC34 handheld

best cordless vacuum for stairs

Editors Rating

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This kind of vacuum cleaner allows you to move when cleaning your stairs. It is one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners for stairs and it's not heavy. You don’t have to worry about dragging it up and down the stairs. It has great features that you would love if you are into the handheld vacuum cleaner.

  • It comes with an inbuilt Dyson digital motor that is more efficient than the conventional motors. So when you have this kind of vacuum for stairs you are assured of finishing cleaning your stairs in less time than when using a standard vacuum cleaner. You are therefore capable of saving a lot of time for doing other chores.
  • One of the best best hand vacuum for stairs. With Dyson DC34 you are assured to do your cleaning without any disturbance since it does not lose suction. It is also very ideal because it enables quick and effective emptying of the bin.

3. NEW Bissell 3 in 1 Lightweight Stick Hand Vacuum

best handheld vacuum for stairs

Editors Rating

The vacuum cleaner has a 16ft. power cord that is ideal for cleaning your stairs. The cord enables you to reach out the dirt and dust particles hidden in the corners and crevices of your stairs. This dustbuster is convertible to handheld vacuum.

It is very efficient when cleaning. When you buy it new, you are assured it won’t breakdown. It is long lasting that is why it comes with a warranty of 1 year. You could get a new one or a refund if it breaks down or fail to work.

Apart from cleaning stairs it could also be used to tidy up the floors and upholstery. It is multipurpose; you don’t need to buy another one when you have it.

  • This vacuum is Convertible to Handheld Vacuum
  • Easy to move as it's a lightweight vacuum
  • It's easy to empty the dirt cup
  • The vacuum weight is less than 4lbs.
  • 16 ft. Power Cord
  • Specially made for Stair Cleaning

4. Shark Rocket Deluxe Ultra-light Upright (HV323)

best stair vacuum

Editors Rating

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If you are looking for a special type of vacuum cleaner, then you could settle for this one. It has unique features that you may like. It is light, so you do not have to get tired when moving it. It actually weighs less than 9 pounds. It is capable of sucking huge debris and fine dust particles since it has a dust-Away hard floor attachment and a microfiber pad which is washable.

You should not worry about the pet hair that is stuck deep in your staircase carpet because the truepet motorized brush and pet multi-tool that are the special features of the Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Ultra-light Upright vacuum cleaner will do the trick.​

  • The special Led lights on this vacuum cleaner can locate hidden debris, dirt, and grime in your staircase.
  • You would also find that this vacuum cleaner has 2X capacity dust cup that gives you time to do the cleaning before emptying.
  • Can convert into hand vacuum.
  • An awesome vacuum for stairs.
  • Strong Suction Power

BISSELL 9595A Vacuum

Editors Rating

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This vacuum cleaner is easy to carry around since it is not heavily weighted. It also has powerful suction and innovative brush that helps to clean up the dirt and grime on the staircase. The turbo brush tool is another powerful feature that enables quick and thorough cleaning of the stairs, furniture, and upholstery. With this vacuum, you would be able to empty up the dirt tank quickly since it has an easy empty tank that enables multi-level filtration. The washable foam tank filter also facilitates the efficient emptying of the dust tank. You could choose this vacuum cleaner because it can do multiple cleaning; it is not only the stairs you can clean with it, you could tidy up your furniture and upholstery with it.

  • It has a cyclonic system with the powerful suction and an innovative designed brush.
  • It has TurboBrush tool for stairs
  • Easy to empty the dirt tank.
  • Washable multi-level filter
  • 2-years of warranty

6. Bissel canister upright vacuum cleaner

Bissell Canister Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Editors Rating

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This powerful canister vacuum cleaner has some dynamic features that you would love to look at. It is lightweight; you don’t have to worry about how to move about while cleaning your stairs. It also has an extra long power cord with automatic cord rewind that could enable you to get rid of hidden dirt in the corners and crevices of your staircases. You could clean carpets, floors, stairs and upholstery with this kind of vacuum since it has the features you need.

  • It has cyclonic cleaning system with powerful suction and telescoping wand that helps in removing every hidden dirt, hair, and grime.
  • Lightweight & Powerful Suction
  • Automatic Cord Rewind, 17 ft Power Cord
  • Works great on Stairs, Low Pile Carpet etc.
  • If the dust bag is full, it shows an indicator.

best vacuum for stair

Editors Rating

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This is one of the best cordless vacuum for stairs and it has the tools that allow efficient, quick and thorough cleaning. It has no cord, so you don't need to move around with a hose. It also offers a powerful suction that could last for 20 minutes while still working. Its battery power is only reserved for cleaning and nothing else. It has a mini motorized tool that helps to remove deeply embedded pet hair, dirt, and grime. This is also one of the best hand vacuum for stairs. So you should consider this type of vacuum when buying a cleaning machine for your stairs.

  • It's one of the strongest cordless vacuum
  • It's a Lightweight vacuum and has a Powerful Suction
  • It has a backup time up to 20 minuets.
  • It has a mini motorized tool
  • The weight of this dustbuster is only 5lbs

8. Hoover Windtunnel Air Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum

Hoover Windtunnel Air Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum

Editors Rating

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This vacuum cleaner is not so light in weight with 16.5 pounds; but you could be able to move it while cleaning. Cause it has wheels with it. The exclusive wind tunnel technology will enable you to clean your surfaces crystal clean. All the dirt, dust, hair, and grime will not be spared by this powerful vacuum cleaner. Floor cleaning is made easier with this vacuum since it has quick fit hose. The hose will enable you to clean the crevices and corners of your stairs. You could do vacuum cleaning of a large room without re-plugging with this vacuum cleaner, so it is perfect for floor cleaning.

  • A long power cord, length 30ft.
  • It has a 30 inch Extension Wand with 8 foot Stair Hose
  • Exclusive windtunnel technology.
  • The weight of this dustbuster is 16.5lbs

9. Hoover Floormate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

Hoover Floormate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

Editors Rating

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If your floors and stairs are made of wood, vinyl, tile or even grout this type of vacuum could be the best to remove the dirt, hair, and grime that is hidden deep within the floor since it has powerful spin scrub brushes. It is light in weight, so you do not have to drag it around. It also uses brushes to clean up the floor. It has a powerful suction that could suck up water to dry clean your floors.

  • Lightweight vacuum under 14lbs.
  • Easy to move.
  • Fingertrip control
  • It has dual tank technology.

10. Shark Rocket ultra-light upright (HV302)

Shark Rocket ultra-light upright (HV302)

Editors Rating

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This vacuum is simple yet very powerful. It has a powerful suction and does not lose power easily.It is ideal for cleaning carpets, floor and stairs as well as the ceilings. It is multipurpose, so you do not have to buy another vacuum when you buy it. You should know that all these vacuums are powerful in one way or another. However you require carrying out a powerful research before you commit to buy one. You should have the information beforehand. Arm yourself with details, and you will never go wrong.

  • The vacuum comes with a 5 years of warranty.
  • It's lightweight, Only 7.6lbs
  • It's one of the best selling vacuum in Amazon.
  • It's great for cleaning carpeted floors.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best vacuum for stairs is not an easy task. You should consult with your cleaners if you are used to delegating cleaning services. They could help you to get the best dustbuster for your stairs. They have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to recommend you the best of the best vacuum cleaner from Amazon. We have also tried to recommend our top researched product's for stairs. The above vacuum cleaners have good reviews though each one of them is special in one way or another. Make the right choice of the vacuum cleaner by visiting the internet.

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