Black and Decker BDH2000SDL Platinum

Well, we all know the power of Black & Decker when it comes to the vacuum cleaning industry. You have to understand that it is a tough field (the cleaning industry) and there is no way that a company will sustain in this tough market if they do not have a great product. From ages, Black & Decker has been producing quality dust busters and it looks like they have another one in the table called Black and Decker BDH2000SDL platinum.

Black and Decker BDH2000SDL

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There are two different versions available right now on the market and they both are great options for both indoor and outdoor use. Black and Decker BDH2000SDL Platinum is actually one of those vacuum cleaners that you can use anywhere in your house or even in a car. The cordless nature makes sure that the reach is better and the great battery enhances power. More about that later but let’s know about the two different types offered by the company. The basic one is only the vacuum which is good enough if you just want to fight the basic types of dust. There is another option for you if you need anything special or more powerful. Simply go with the advanced option that comes with a drill combo kit which will make your cleaning experience even better.


Black and Decker BDH2000SDL BatteryA great battery is something that everybody wants in a cordless dust buster. There is no point in buying a dust buster without cords which do not offer a great battery. The battery that you will get in this machine is a 20V max lithium ion battery which is possibly the best one that is currently available among all the vacuum cleaners out there. The battery makes sure that there is charge in the machine for even up to 18 months. Again, the battery is completely removable and the extra options are easily available.

Great Control

If you want to make sure that you are cleaning the tough spots of your home or car, you have to have great control over your cleaning tool. Therefore, control is important and this machine knows about that. The control will allow you to touch those tough corners where dust is stored. Simply start with the middle area of your home or surface and then try to reach to the corners. You will have a clean house in no time.

Quality Suction

quality suctionWhat is that one most important thing that you need a vacuum cleaner? The reason that they are called vacuum cleaner and the reason that they are used in both home and outside is the vacuum and suction power that these tools have. Suction is that one technology that can never be compromised. This machine knows about this or we should say that the company knows about this. Black and Decker have always produced great suction powered technology and the result is exactly the same in this case too. The suction power is too good that it will make sure that there is no dust left around. There are some cleaners which clean some area of your home and some area is left behind. This suction technology will make sure that it does not happen.

Modern Cleaning

The tool is actually pretty modern. You can use it with the longer handle or the shorter version too. The tool is handheld that you already know and there is no wire that you need to connect to the device while you are cleaning the house. This is important because wires are always a problem and you do not want to create a mess out of it while cleaning the house.

  • Great suction
  • Beautiful design
  • Very good battery
  • Not for you if you want to clean a huge mess at a short notice

Final Words

Overall, this is one of the best handheld vacuum cleaner that you will find around in the space of cleaning. Vacuum cleaners are taking the world over and every day a new product is coming out. It is tough to decide which one is a good option for those many options and it is a good idea to be with top brands. You can easily trust Black & Decker in that case.

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