Dustbuster Buying Guide

Vacuum cleaner or dust buster is a prime need now to keep your indoor environment neat and clean no matter it is a house, office or even car. You will find different types and different brands of dust busters in the market. You already know that we have reviewed the 10 best dustbusters available on the market in our homepage. But all types of dust busters won’t help you to keep things clean in all situations.

Again, there are some dust busters which can create a lot of difficulties in your normal cleanup plan. Therefore, you need to keep some things in your mind before you go for buying a dust buster. Here, you will find those points that you must consider while buying a dust buster.

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Best dustbuster buying guide

Don’t Jump for Buying with Highest amps:

Many of us think that if a model has highest amps, watts or horsepower then it is a good dustbuster. But these are actually measurements of the electrical current used by that model. The performance of a dust buster doesn’t depend on these numbers at all. It mainly depends on the airflow, designs, the amount of suction it produces and etc.  So check these things before buying a dust buster.

Upright Dust Buster:

Upright dust busters are known as the most helpful dust busters nowadays when it comes to keeping things clean. By using an upright dust buster, you will be able to keep your back totally straight, which means you don’t need to bend over a lot. Around half a million people have back problems in the alone USA and if you don’t have it, you don’t want to welcome it by using a dust buster that needs you to bend a lot.


Go for that dust buster which you can easily take to any place. The lighter the dust buster is, the more you will be comfortable to use that. Light dust busters are easy to lift, so you will be able to reach any place any time. If your apartment is not huge then these light vacuum cleaners will make it easy for you to maneuver in tight spaces and also in the stairs. Apart from that, if you use a light dust buster, you can easily the same one for your home, office and everywhere else. You won’t have to buy separate dust busters for each of your locations.


This is very obvious that you should go for a vacuum cleaner which will produce less noise. Most of the modern dust cleaners are noiseless but you should check it first when you are buying. There is nothing worse than listening to the boring and irritating noise of dustbusters in the morning.

Health Issues:

You do not want dust busters to spread dust all around you. Especially if you have allergies or breathing issues, you should check how a dust buster cleans dust before buying it. Though this is not a major issue these days as most of the current dustbusters have enough quality to keep you safe. Though when you go for buy a Dustbuster you should prefer the Best Hepa Vacuum for Allergies and surely it will make your life easier.

Bagless or Bagged:

Both types of dust busters have some kind of advantages and disadvantages. Bagless cleaners will give you more convenience as you don’t need to worry about replacing bags. In contrast, with bagged dust busters you will be able to remove the tiniest particles in the bag. It is up to you at the end of the day to decide whether you want a bagged or a bagless dust buster. The bagless technology is more preferred these days among buyers.

Wired or Wireless:

This is a tricky task to decide whether you want a wireless dust buster or a wired one. The wired ones come with around 20 feet of wires which are enough to give you freedom and space. On the other hand, it is a lot easier to deal with wireless dust busters than with wired ones in cases.


If you are using a wireless dust buster then you must think about the battery issue. You want to make sure that one charge is enough to clean at least two or three rooms and that is why check the battery life for per charge while you are buying the dust busters.


At the end of the day, a dust buster is a technological product. You want to make sure that you are having a safe time with the device and that is why always check the warranty while you are buying a dust buster. Most vacuums these days have a warranty of 2 years which cover both parts and usage. 2 years are more than enough to find out whether your dust buster has any problem or not.

Customer Reviews

This is important because people who bought dustbusters before know how their ones are working and what the issues are. If you are buying a vacuum cleaner from Amazon, you will see thousands of reviews from customers who already bought the dust buster. All of our reviews have a link of customer reviews where you can see what customers think about the dust buster. Check those comments out before you buy your desired one. A rule of thumb is that if you find out that more than 60%-70% people liked a product then you should go with that. Please have a closer look at our buying guide and make your primary idea about need. We also have arranged the best dustbuster short list according to our buying guide.