Tips for better cleaning of your house

Tips for better cleaning of your house

You might have got a new vacuum and are using it regularly to keep your house neat and clean. But listen to this carefully “sometimes smart work once is capable of beating multiple times of hard work.”  So why you should vacuum your home multiple times when same cleanliness can be achieved in a single … Read more

12 Effective Vacuum Cleaning Hacks & Vacuuming Tips

Vacuum Cleaning Hacks

Vacuum Cleaners are the inventions that made house cleaning much easier and revolutionized cleaning. Since their invention vacuuming has become a routine work for us and whether you love or hate doing this, every day you need to get it done. Well, what about those hard to reach places where your vacuum cannot reach even … Read more

8 must have tools for homeowners

must have tools for homeowners

What makes your “House” a “Home”? It is confusing. But there is a difference between a “House” and a “Home”. Anyone can have an apartment on his/her name. Put a good deal of money for it and you can even purchase one. That is a house. But a “Home” is something different. “Home” is where … Read more

What Is The Best Way To Clean Ceramic Tile Floors

Ceramic Tile Floors

Ceramic tiles are becoming a better option for flooring, pretty versatile and offer many more options in color, texture, pattern and overall beauty than other tile flooring materials. Today, Ceramic tile floors design are virtually indistinguishable from other stone products and excellent choice, durable and add a nice effect to anywhere in your home. It’s durable … Read more

11 Benefits Of Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Benefits Of Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld vacuum cleaners are smaller versions of traditional vacuum cleaners. Though small in size, they offer various features and advantages. This is why it is one of the most widely used appliances today. In fact, it is only after buying and using one that you realize how useful, and worthy an investment it is! The … Read more

How to clean your kitchen with a Dustbuster

clean your kitchen

One of the most difficult section to vacuum in your house will be your kitchen this is because it has to tackle spills, to cook and other mishaps. Your kitchen has to take a toll as it battles with cooking oils, sticky foods apart from the regular dust and dirt. And when the food which … Read more

Backpack Vacuum vs Upright: Which One’s Right For You

Backpack Vacuum vs Upright

Vacuum cleaning has become more like a routine in most modern homes and even places of work. The main reason for this is the effectiveness of the cleaning process as they normally leave a room spotless clean as compared to traditional cleaning methods. The success of any vacuum cleaning process depends largely on the vacuum … Read more

How to Maintain Your Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Maintaining Backpack Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners keep homes smelling good and looking great. There are different types of vacuum cleaners on the market. Backpack vacuum cleaners are the most popular types. Backpack vacuum requires maintenance. However, maintaining your home or commercial vacuum is not easy. There are a number of practices to embrace to keep your vacuum in good … Read more

Different Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

types of vacuum cleaners

Cleaning can be a hard task sometimes, especially for people with huge houses. The kind of dirt to clean is also an issue. For this reason, a few companies have taken it upon themselves to create a good and easy to use alternative for cleaning. Vacuums are the most easy to use electrically powered machines … Read more

How to Properly Use a Backpack Vacuum

backpack vacuum

Looking for a professional cleaner for your home? Strap on your backpack vacuum and look in the mirror. Often cited as a professional cleaner’s best friend, this type of vacuum has become a critical part of any large-scale cleaning project. Not only is it versatile, it’s proven to increase productivity and reduce time on the … Read more