Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501) Review

Have you got tired looking for a better vacuum cleaner for your house, then people you are on the right site at the right time. Today we are going to give an unbiased review of one of the most modern vacuum cleaners available in the market today.

When you look around for home appliances, there are countless products available yet Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501) Upright Vacuum Cleaner stands tall against its entire competitor and is most popular with families that have pets and are more health aware. The machine is manufactured by Euro-Pro which was known for its excellent quality products around the globe, and Shark Rotator Pro is the perfect example of it.

Features of Shark professional lift away (NV501)

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away NV501

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So let’s have a look on some of its unique features which enable it to stand apart from the rest.

1. Lift-Away Capability:

This is one of the main features that keep this vacuum cleaner apart from the rest and makes it equivalent to 3 different vacuum cleaners at once. This feature lets you to easily and quickly separate the motor and vacuum reservoir as a portable device and thus becomes easier to use in the places hard to reach with hose and attachments. Also, it can be used as a canister vacuum or a bare floor vacuum for dusting with separate accessories. Although there are some other lift-away models available, this is the best one which I came across recently.

2. Rotator Steering:

This feature is much similar to the Dyson’s Ball Technology which enables the head of the cleaner to rotate; besides it is simpler in design and much lighter. It provides you with better maneuverability and feels much agiler in thus giving you the ability to clean the areas with pretty low clearance and obstacles where another machine could not clean. It is much easier on your wrists and makes you feel less getting used to.

3. Suction power and technology:

This vacuum houses a high output motor which creates a powerful vacuum that is capable of providing deep cleaning performance at kind of surface. Besides the Premium Pet Power Brush picks up the pet and works pretty well, though it is not advertised as a one.

This vacuum employs a cyclonic system which performs an excellent job and separates the fine dirt from dust particles. The air from cyclonic system helps keep the filter getting clogged and clean for a longer period. Even this maintains the performance even when the vacuum gets filled up.

4. Enhanced Filtration system:

Shark Pro Lift-Away utilizes one of the best in class filters and is engineered in such a way that it traps nearly all the allergy-causing mite, feces, dust and other particulates matters. Euro-pro has designed an intelligent gasket system which creates a hermetically sealed filter compartment thus trapping the particles and not allowing them to escape them into the air.

The machine employs a pre-motor foam filter, and a pre-motor felt filter which is washable and required to wash every three months. Also, it has a large HEPA filter which traps 99.9% of all particulate matter.

5. Other features:

Well, there is a certain others highlight of this device, they are mentioned below.

· Brushroll Switch: It makes it an ideal choice for hard floor and moreover does not let brush-roll entangled with the light area rug.

· Economic Grip: The grip on the stretch hose fits your hand nicely and does not let your wrist hyper-pronate while using above-floor attachments.

· Lightweight: It offers 5- year manufacturer’s warranty which is the longest in the market


· Quite operation

· Lightweight and robust construction

· Powerful suction

· High maneuverable

· Multipurpose

· Extended warranty


· Tends to topple at times

· No switch on handle

Final verdict

I would love to recommend this Shark NV501 Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright vacuum cleaner to anybody who is looking for a cleaner which should be in the budget and can serve multipurpose needs. It is truly the best value for money cleaner available today in the market. What catches my eye are the fact that this machine is solidly built and is still such a lightweight and weighs only a mere 15.5 pounds.

It is quite easy to use and offers a 30 feet long cord meaning that you don’t need to change ports in a room. The filters are brilliantly designed and impressive as it not needed to be cleaned now and then. It requires less maintenance and comes with a standard warranty period.

After everything said, this seems to the cleaner for you and is well in the budget. There is no need to give any second thoughts while purchasing this product.

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