Tips for better cleaning of your house

You might have got a new vacuum and are using it regularly to keep your house neat and clean. But listen to this carefully “sometimes smart work once is capable of beating multiple times of hard work.”  So why you should vacuum your home multiple times when same cleanliness can be achieved in a single go. That’s why today, we are going to mention some tips for efficient and easy cleaning of your home. Also, we will be discussing the fact that how often you should vacuum your house to optimize the cleaning process. And depending on your surroundings and needs, we would try to make a vacuuming schedule for you.

Tips for better cleaning of your house

Tips for better cleaning of your house

Here are some of the most useful tips that will surely help you in the vacuuming process.

  1. Saving excess work:

    It is one of the most important steps involved in reducing your hard work. If you allow footwear inside your home, then it will lead dirt, dust and other such elements to spread everywhere in your home. Thus you have to vacuum everywhere daily. This situation can be avoided if you restrict footwear to a particular place and have a mat over there, where they can be wiped. This will stop the dirt from spreading, thus instead of vacuuming multiple times, you can easily clean the collected dirt at once and at a single place.

  1. Keep an eye on bag/canister:

    Before starting to clean always check that how much the bag/canister is full. If it has reached to three-quarters of its capacity, change or empty it depending on your cleaner. While it’s not mandatory to start with an empty canister or bag but starting with one makes cleaning much more effective. Also, waiting for you bag/canister to full may lead to clogging of hose and other parts. Thus it reduces the suction power of vacuum, and the cleaner does not work up to its maximum efficiency. So always keep an eye on the level of your canister/bag and change it timely.

  1. Dust your home before vacuuming:

    While it is a habit of most of the people to dust off their home when they are done the vacuuming. This is completely wrong as when you dust all the dust which was settled on surfaces of blinds, baseboards or books won’t be captured by rag or duster and will fall on the floor. Now this will end on the ground and make the vacuumed floor look dirty, so to avoid this situation I recommend you to dust your home before you start cleaning, as this can eliminate the chances to vacuum your floor again.

  1. Use all the attachments:

    Listen there you people the vacuum company is not fooling to give you all those accessories to keep them as a showpiece, all of them have a particular

  • Using the crevice tool to clean the edges and hard to reach spots.
  • Use the Motorized Brush Roll for cleaning pet hairs upholstery, carpet, tile floors & grout, fabric etc.
  • Use the Dusting Brush to dust gently yet firmly from most delicate surfaces without scratching them.
  • If an Extension Wand is provided use it to clean the floor while standing or an elevated surface
  1. Take care of your vacuum:

    take care of your vacuumClean the vacuum regularly and remove the pieces of fabric which get attached to its brushes. Listen to the sound of vacuum carefully while operating. If it sounds different or strangely stop it immediately as it can get damaged in such condition.

    If you follow the above tips your cleaning process will become much easier and also the life of your vacuum will increase significantly.

How often you need to vacuum your house?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. As everyone has different vacuuming needs, so we have divided it into following parts.

  • If you are one, of those who own a pet that shells hair, then you should vacuum your home at least twice or thrice a week to collect all the fur and hair from heavy traffic areas.
  • Other people can skip once and vacuum their house at least once in a week if you restrict footwear out of your home and use other simpler methods to clean.
  • Once in a month, you should do deep cleaning, by moving all the furniture and heavy stuff and clean all those hard to clean areas by using a good handheld vacuum cleaner.

Check out the infographic about Top 10 House Cleaning Tips

Final Verdict

People consider vacuuming a very tough task and most of the time tend to avoid it for as long as possible. Avoiding it is not going to help you instead it will lead to dirt buildup which gets even trickier to clean. By following our simple tricks and suitable schedule, your vacuum effort can be minimized and become easier. Also, if you follow the guide well you can have a tidy home, and also your vacuum cleaner will last longer.

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