7 Effective vacuum cleaning Hacks

Vacuum Cleaners are the inventions that made house cleaning much easier and revolutionized cleaning. Since their invention vacuuming has become a routine work for us and whether you love or hate doing this, every day you need to get it done. Well, what about those hard to reach places where your vacuum cannot reach even with its multiple add-ons. Today we are going to share some tips which would make your vacuuming more efficient.

Effective house cleaning tips

Almost each and every one of you uses the vacuum for cleaning purpose that is to get rid dust and dirt from your home. But what if I said that could use it for uses other than cleaning. So here are some daily vacuum hacks that can ease most your work and prevent some of your precious items.

Vacuum Cleaning Hacks

  1. For hard to reach places:

    Well every home has all those tight spots where you cannot reach despite using the crevice tool that comes with the vacuum. To reach into these spaces fold a toilet paper tube over the vacuum nozzle and hold it, now you have got a more flexible attachment which would clean the toughest spots with ease.

  2. For your keyboard and phones base:

    Well this is the one place which can be most tricky to clean with a vacuum. To clean spaces like that just attach a squeeze ketchup bottle over the nozzle of the vacuum, it creates a much narrow passage and stronger vacuum that sucks out almost all the dust particles hidden in the space.

  3. Cleaning window glass:

    Let suppose that there was a sand storm or lots of dust settles on the window glasses. You may be planning to spray and wipe it, but all you can achieve is scratches from sand and spread dust around. Instead just vacuum the dust & dirt off and then wipe it over with a soft brush attachment or a piece of clean damp cloth.

  4. Cleaning pets:

    If you own pets then there is no need of explaining the problems associated with them as they shed leaving hair all over the house. You can run your vacuum on lower settings on them to collect any loose hair after brushing. Also, there are vacuums available with such settings and special brushes for the purpose.

  5. For lampshades, blinds and mirror frames:

    If you are tired of dusting blinds, books, lampshades or places where you cannot dust just by using simple cloth. Then it’s time to get Hi-Tech and use the dusting brush attachments available with vacuum cleaners to clean them. Also, handheld dustbusters are vacuumed quite capable and robust in such work.

  6. Cleaning vomit:

    Yeah you heard this one correct you can clean vomit with your vacuum cleaner, but there is a catch. Make a paste of baking soda and water, apply it all over vomit and let it dry overnight. The very next day you would be able to vacuum it as it becomes powdery & fluffy and would stink much.

  7. Cleaning play dough from carpet:

    If kids in your home enjoy playing with play dough, then certainly it might get stuck on the carpet. Let it dry, once it gets dry use the brush tool to break it into fine pieces which can be vacuumed

NonCleaning Hacks

  1. Searching lost items: If you lose small things like nose pins or small earrings and you are facing a real hard time finding it then don’t worry. Just cover the hose of vacuum by a sock or pantyhose and secure it using a rubber band. Now vacuum the area where you lost your item. You will most probably find it stuck on the filter you put on the vacuum
  2. Fixing Carpet Dents: Of course, you can do that with a vacuum. Just place ice cubes on the dents and let them melt, it will cause them to soak and rise. Now simply run your vacuum over it to get your carpet straightens up just like new.
  3. Inflate Air mattress: If your air pump starts to malfunction all of a sudden, then you can use a bagged vacuum cleaner along with smaller nozzle and on the lowest setting to inflate your mattress.
  4. Deodorizing: If your room has a stinky odor then just add a spoon of cinnamon to your vacuum bag or a dryer sheet into the bag. As the vacuum runs the light scent will waft through the air and cover up the stinks and make the room smell fresh.

All these hacks are friendly and let you quickly tackle the daily cleaning challenges quite comfortably. We would love to see you employing any of the hacks mentioned above in your day to day life. Also, any cleaning business owner can use some of the cleaning hacks for their business.

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